People who are diagnosed with diabetes more or less have no idea that they had it in the first place. This sneaky and silent condition creeps in with abnormally high blood sugar levels that affects our kidneys, eyes, and even nerves. By living life unaware, we put our whole body at risk with surprise pains and aches we cannot cure right away. Early diagnosis is key for preventive measures but some signs and symptoms come in undetected, leaving us blind to proper treatment.

With regular check-ups, a balanced diet, and the right information to recognize the telltale signs, we have a fighting chance against this life-changing illness. Team up with Equal while watching out for these 5 signs while living your life to the fullest.

1. Nape discoloration

One of the reasons why diabetes is difficult to detect is its nearly invisible signs at hard to reach places in the body. The back of your neck is an area one should observe for dark discoloration. Acanthosis nigricans or a sign of insulin resistance is a skin pigmentation that can save your life with early observation. This particular symptom can be life-threatening as it signifies a fully developed case of diabetes.

2. Frequent urination

Need more than a few bathroom breaks at work or at school? Have it checked during your earliest doctor’s appointment and see what’s going on under the hood of your body. Constant bathroom breaks could mean your blood sugar levels are high as your bladder naturally tries to expel sugar through pee breaks. If untreated, diabetics can experience kidney failure and bladder discomfort at an early age.

3. Blurry Vision

A sudden blur in eyesight should never be ignored. If you are squinting more than usual while driving, reading a book, or even in front of the computer, you might be experiencing the first few stages of diabetes. Eye fluid levels may fluctuate leaving an uncomfortable swelling. If not treated immediately, permanent damage can direct itself into your retinas.

4. Unexpected Weight-loss or Weight Gain

Diabetes is an imbalance that affects even our slightest weight gain and loss. When we shed off some pounds without hitting the gym or even putting effort with dieting, the works of diabetes may be coming into play. While losing weight may seem like a good thing, the expelling of calories might trigger a low immune system and even bladder problems.

5. Constant Thirst

Are you dehydrated or are you experiencing diabetes at the onset? For diabetics, excessive thirst and constant quenching is a nightmare for your kidneys. These fragile organs are forced to overwork themselves, expelling blood glucose constantly and important nutrients in the body. Be aware and don’t be fooled if your body is constantly in search of some H20. A telling sign as well is drinking liquids without feeling refreshed or relieved. Notify your doctor and have a thorough check-up on what’s going on with your overall health.